Press Quotes


"As One forces you to think, simultaneously challenging preconceptions and inspiring empathy." 
—The New York Times

“A piece that haunts and challenges its audience with questions about identity, authenticity, compassion and the human desire for self-love and peace.”
—Opera News

“As One is everything that we hope for in contemporary opera: topical, poignant, daring, and beautifully written. “
—New York Classical Review

"An elegantly realized chamber opera…"

“Artistically distinguished, socially important…says so much with relatively modest means.”

“The success and beauty of As One is that it reveals epic emotions within an intimate frame.”
—Out Magazine

“MAGNIFICENT…As One stole an entire house full of hearts. “
— [Q]onstage

“As One…satisfies in an entertaining and delicately moving way.”
—New York Observer

"As One makes the character’s coming to terms with her identity a poignant coming-of-age story just about every audience member can relate to. Its universality is key to As One’s becoming the hottest new American opera of recent years. It challenges us to ponder questions of authenticity, identity, compassion and self-love. And it does so without preachiness."
—The Chicago Tribune

"As One is the hottest title in opera right now, at least among the titles written in the last 100 years. The musical tale of a transgender woman’s personal evolution is somehow right on time—an accomplished bit of art-making, with considerable entertainment value, that thrusts itself smack into the current political and social discourse."
—The Denver Post

"The real secret of the opera’s success... is that under everything lays a winning coming-of-age story. ... In fact, As One is not so much an opera of ripped-out-of-the-headlines relevance than a traditional, if unconventional, love story. ... In the end, As One boils down to the easily relatable condition of a person learning to love one’s self. ... By moving beyond the daily news, “As One” approaches admirable universality." 
—The Los Angeles Times

"As One is a pertinent and moving work…it captures the dueling aspects of Hannah's identity with sweetness and humor."

"…A daring, moving, troubling and ultimately hopeful work, sometimes all at once, about the trials and triumphs of a transgender woman. And its 16 songs, performed over the course of three acts, couldn’t be more timely.
—San Diego Union-Tribune

"A wholly engrossing character study…achieves a luminous and absorbing effect with absolute economy of means. It is an opera producer’s dream that is also a spectator’s wonder. Ms. Kaminsky, Mr. Campbell and Ms. Reed have crafted a beautiful, informed work."
—Opera Today

"As One’s real longevity lies in its ability to simultaneously tell a trans story and an everyman’s story."
—San Francisco Classical Voice

"…An attractively scored, affecting 80-minute work.”
—The Mercury News.

"No opera, to my knowledge, has told the story of a trans person as either a central or subsidiary character, but novelty alone wouldn’t be enough to carry As One had not that story been framed with such expert and thoughtful craft. In short, As One, both inspiring and groundbreaking, innovative yet relatable, is built to travel, and deserves to."
—Seattle Weekly

"…A transgender story with power, passion... “As One” has a power all its own. It is the power of intimate revelation... touch(es) the audience — with the emotional impact of an affecting story about a child born into the wrong body. ... beautiful lyrical moments... as uplifting as any operatic ending could be." 
—Seattle Times

"‘As One serves as effective monodrama, subversive duet … a thoughtful and substantial piece as well as that rarest of operatic commodities — a story that lends itself to dramatization in music. … an insightful text that avoids the pitfall, all too easy with this material, of becoming sanctimonious. … effective, direct music … " 
—The Washington Post

“You don't have to be transgender—or even an opera-lover—to be moved and haunted by As One ... It's a work that will reach anyone who has come to terms with growing up, learning to live with themselves, dealing with the short-comings of others. In other words, all of us. As One has become a touchstone in outreach to the trans community..."